DK Sustainable Startup Co-founder Makes Forbes List

Stockholm (NordSIP) Morten Bruun, Co-founder and Head of Marketing with the Danish sustainable pensions investment startup Penstable, was recently named by Forbes as one of the 30 most influential people under 30 in Europe, the Danish daily BT reported, no doubt providing a boost to Bruun’s career and Penstable’s prospects.

Morten Bruun

“I think it’s wild. I wasn’t counting on that, so it was a surprise. It’s a big acknowledgement of me but certainly also of Penstable and its team,” Bruun said.

Penstable, a Danish startup specialising in sustainable investments in the pension space, is currently building a robo-advisor for pension savings based exclusively on sustainable and responsible investments, excluding investments in coal, weapons and tobacco. The product is based on a digital platform allowing users to track both financial aspects such as their return on investments or total savings, concurrently with the impact their pension savings can have on their sustainability issue of choice.

Penstable’s core principle is the “ground-breaking idea that the value of [one’s] senior years depends much more on the world [around the individual] than the number on [their] bank account.” The startup expects to launch its product early this year, pending approval from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Bruun, who reportedly works 70 hours a week, also works for Google as a project manager in charge of partnerships between the telecommunications and pharmaceutical companies and is currently pursing a Master’s degree in economics and management at the London School of Economics.

Bruun now hopes the Forbes ranking can help add fuel to the fire for Penstable, which already has a big 2018 planned. “We used the past year to develop the concept and find investors,” he said. “Now we are going to find partners. It’s going well!”

Penstable previously won VentureCup 2017, the largest startup competition in Scandinavia.

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1 Comment

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