The Many Female Faces of Sustainable Investing

Stockholm (NordSIP) – It is quite obvious that there are many more women in sustainable investing than in the overall world of asset management. Why is that? I believe it to be a combination of factors, but it’s easy to fall into stereotypes when talking about these questions. What I want to do today, on the international day of women, is to celebrate this fact. It is truly fantastic that, at least in one area, women have managed to enter the financial industry in force. Not long ago, at a lunch event I organised on the topic, there were exactly the same number of women and men attendants. It was the first time it happened to me, in my 18-year career in finance.

It is crucial now, that we don’t let this balance slip. As Jessica Walter said in her interview, the CEO of a large financial institution recently said: “In the past, sustainability was a subject for women, but now that there is a business perspective and an importance in it, men are also getting involved.” We, women in the financial industry, must not let our advantage slip, but instead we must strengthen it, and make sure that we inspire younger women to join the ranks. That is why, I would also like to showcase the many women active in sustainable investing to inspire other women. Of course, why not? we could convince some men as well. It is, after all, a balance of genders we are targeting.

Leading by Example Liza Jonson, CEO at Swedbank Robur

ESG Not a Competition Christina Hillesöy, Head of Sustainability at Länsförsäkringar

No Time to Waste With Small Steps Gunnela Hahn, Head of Responsible Investment at Church of Sweden

Dad, How Equal is Your Company? Emilie Westholm, Head of Responsible Investments at Folksam Group









Impact Opportunities on Your Doorstep Irene Mastelli, Investment Strategist at Nordea

Building a Bridge From ESG to Investment Principles Carina Silberg, Head of Sustainability at Alecta

Value Creation Beyond Returns Helena Lindahl, Senior Portfolio Manager at Storebrand Asset Management

Don’t Let People Hide Behind Excuses Emilie Taube, Head of Sustainability and Institutional relations at Spiltan Fonder









Don’t Just Exclude Fossil Fuel Ann-Sofie Odenberg, Head of Responsible Investment at Brummer & Partners

Put the Women On Stage Jessica Walter, Head of Marketing and Communication at ODIN Fonder

Watch the Triple Ps Anette Andersson ESG Investment Specialist at SEB

Focus and Find an Edge Anna-Stina Wiklund, Manager Selection and ESG coordinator at Ålandsbanken









Why?… but of Course! Ulrika Hasselgren, Head of Responsible Investment at Danske Bank

What Women Want Barbara Stewart, CFA

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1 Comment

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