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Factoring ESG into Factor Investing

In this new edition of NordSIP Insights, we explore a somewhat less known area within sustainability: the intersection between ESG integration and factor investing. As anyone familiar with 'Environmental, Social and Governance' knows, sustainable investors often refer to the 'E' the 'S' and the 'G' as factors that might be...

How Sustainable are Swedish PE Investments?

Stockholm (NordSIP) -  On July 15th, the Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (SVCA) launched the first joint sustainability report for the Swedish private equity (PE) industry. The report attempts to create a new approach to systematically monitor, measure and clarify key sustainability-related figures in Swedish portfolio companies....

Green Bond News

All Aboard Jernhusen’s Latest Green Bond

Stockholm (NordSIP) - At the beginning of July, Jernhusen, the owner and operator of railway stations and other buildings attached to the railway network in Sweden, issued a three-year SEK300 million green bond. Among many other properties, the company owns Stockholm's Central Station, Liljeholmen, and Solna Hagalunds Depå. “Jernhusen conducts...

Sustainable Fund Launches

Newsletter: The Week in Green

Shooting & Overshooting

This week, with another 42% of the year still to go, July 29th, marked Earth Overshoot Day, the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources...

Heat, Wine & More Taxonomy

This week, we continue to catch up on the many developments on the regulatory front. After the impressive ‘Fit for 55’ package and the proposal for a new social...

Are you fit for 55?

As the season's extreme weather continues to wreak havoc, the EU Commission is busy with new and updated sustainability-related proposals. With the unusually catchy title...

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