INNORBIS Announces New Sustainability Partnership

Stockholm (NordSIP) -  INNORBIS has announced a partnership with Kommuninvest, Kristianstad University, City of Umeå, RISE, SEI, Samariterhemmet Diakoni and Viable Cities through KTH to develop a new framework and standards in sustainable business financing and investment. The project, called a Tool for integration of sustainability measures in financial...

Green Bond News

Skandia Invests in Biodiversity

Stockholm (NordSIP) - On April 29th, the City of Gothenburg issued SEK1.2 billion in a four-year conventional (non green) bond the proceeds of which are expected to support projects that pursue increased biodiversity and the protection of valuable natural areas and endangered species. The bond was a private placement, so...

Sustainable Fund Launches

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Newsletter: The Week in Green

Spring Rain & People Moves

On this raining (and oh so cold) early May week, we caught up, by virtue of virtual means obviously, with no less than four...

On Track for… 3.6°C?

In the aftermath of last week's exuberant displays of commitments (if you missed it, catch up on Biden's summit), we demand more! "Demand the...

Earth Day & Taxonomy Chaos

While some are busy taking the opportunity offered by Earth Day to get the world to gear up for action against climate change, such...

Partner message

The coronavirus epidemic has further accelerated the rise of ESG into the investment mainstream. As deficits skyrocket, bond investors have an opportunity to engage with governments on climate change, argues Thomas Dillon, Senior Macro ESG Analyst at Aviva Investors.

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Sustainability on the Wall

Well into our second year of Corona-induced isolation, many of us seem to be finding solace in online education. Once the realm of introverts, price-conscious...

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