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Aurum wins “Best ESG/SRI Fund of Hedge Fund”


Aurum Fund Management Ltd won the inaugural “Best ESG/SRI Fund of Hedge Fund” award at the Hedge Funds Review European Fund of Hedge Fund Awards 2016, which was held at Le Meridien Hotel in Piccadilly on November 24th 2016.

During the awards ceremony, Margie Lindsay drew particular attention to an extract from an article written by Adam Sweidan, CIO of Aurum Research Limited– “The importance of the E in ESG

“The investment industry manages money, pensions for our future and wealth for future generations. But what future are we saving for if we do not preserve the environment? I believe environmental, social and governance should be high on investors’ agendas, but how it is defined and applied is still in its infancy, especially when it comes to hedge fund investing”. 

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For more information about the European Fund of Hedge Fund Awards 2016 please click here.


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