The BlueBay Global High Yield ESG Bond fund will be a sister fund to the existing BlueBay Global High Yield Bond fund and be co-managed by Justin Jewell and Thomas Kreuzer, who are both co-heads of global leaveraged finance.

The investment strategy of the fund will incorporate the ESG investment policy of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, (“Norwegian Oil Fund”) the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world.

Following demand for greater incorporation of ESG into fixed income investment strategies, the new fund was launched offering investors a more dedicated ESG strategy. The strategies encompass product-based screening on controversial weapons, tobacco and coal-based energy, as well as conduct-based screening, integration and engagement.

Commenting on the launch, CFO at PKH, Mariann Bendriss, told ‘We believe the incorporation of ESG into investing is important and relevant as such factors can have economic and investment impacts.  Viewed in this way, ESG is good long-term risk management. In the process, we can also play a role in contributing to sustainable development, something which is also of interest to our beneficiaries.’

Chief investment officer at BlueBay, Raphael Robelin, added: ‘Fifteen years [after BlueBay was established], we believe we are facing the start of another important market development – the application of ESG investment strategies to the debt asset class. The launch of this ESG offering illustrates BlueBay’s ongoing commitment, as a specialist fixed income manager, to incorporate ESG and demonstrate innovative and proven new approaches to investing across the asset class.’


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