Why ESG Investing Works: A TruValue Labs Research List


Stockholm (NordSIP) – TruValue labs, the San Francisco developers of the Insight360 app, the platform to analyse sustainability performance utilizing AI to sift through over a million data points per month to provide investment professionals with the most relevant information on ESG factors for public companies and industry sectors, has put together a list of 10 inexorable studies that show how and why ESG investing works.

The list was published by Thomson Reuters and is available here.

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Some of the subjects covered are as follows:

  • Corporate financial performance is positively linked most of the time with ESG factors individually and in combination (Friede, Busch & Bassen).
  • How do intangibles contribute to financial performance? (Journal of Financial Economics)
  • What is the ESG relationship to corporate credit? (Hermes Credit; MIT/Breckenridge Capital)
  • Influence of ESG analysis on Portfolio risks and returns (First Affirmative Financial Network)
  • ESG market-based and accounting-based outperformance (Deutsche Bank review)
  • ESG integration can protect investors from bankruptcies, volatility, price declines and earnings risk (Bank of America Merrill Lynch/Thomson Reuters)
  • Momentum matters: How to examine ESG performance allowing a powerful relationship to financial performance (TruValue Lab app)

The TruValue Lab app, which provides timely ESG insights with annual company-reported data filtered by SASB materiality standards, is available on the Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio.

Read the full list with descriptions here.





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In the current economic environment, even the strongest companies will face challenges from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps now more than ever, understanding the factors that could have a material impact on a company’s sustainability will play a role in investment decision-making.

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