Öhman Global Hållbar Awarded 5th Star by Morningstar


Stockholm (NordSIP) – Öhman Investment Management’s global equity fund Öhman Global Hållbar A (Öhman Global Sustainable) was awarded the highest distinction from fund analyst Morningstar, a five star appraisal of the fund. Simultaneously the fund has placed in the top ten funds as measured over ten years, with returns belonging to the top ten per cent in its category.

“Firstly, we are of course proud to once again belong to that category of funds yielding the highest market returns over a ten-year period,” commented Filip Boman, Managing Director of Öhman Global Hållbar. “The five star rating becomes a kind of proof that our active and long-term work has resulted in good returns, and that, as a relatively small player in the market, we retain a team that is among the sharpest in the industry.”

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The fund has risen a whopping 91.5% over the past ten years, according to Morningstar, by comparison to the category average of 64.9%. In addition, none of the other nine in the top ten for the ten-year period are Swedish. Öhman’s management believes a great deal of this success has been the result of the clear structure in which the team operates.

“We have an investment philosophy where we work actively without obsessing over indexes and have a clear long-term view of our investment decisions,” said fund manager Johan Nilke. “To begin with, we have a slightly different starting point where we work with a wide number of investment topics as the basis for our management, upon which we follow major social trends that may affect the market. I think this is a unique strength we have in finding the big winners on the stock market.”

“We also have the big advantage that we are nimble enough as a fund to be able to act quickly, while other players may sometimes be in a hurry to shift money in thematic sectors,” added fund manager Pär Löfving.

Öhman was also awarded the distinction of sustainable actor of the year by Söderberg & Partners earlier this year, and the Öhman team is convinced the company’s overall focus on sustainability has played an important role in now being awarded the coveted fifth star from Morningstar.

“That we have a five star rating again shows that our focus on finding sustainable companies has contributed to our positive figures in the long run. We have integrated sustainability issues into Öhman’s management over a long time, which has contributed to a high level of competence in an area that few other fund managers can compete with. It’s a way of working deeply throughout the company, and something we’re convinced will continue to deliver good returns in the future,” concluded Öhman Managing Director Ylwa Häggström.

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