SPP to Add Europa Fund to Plus Concept Offerings


Stockholm (NordSIP) – In an interview with Realtid.se’s Sara Johansson late last year, SPP Fonder CEO Åsa Wallenberg spoke at length about the future of sustainable investment and SPP Fonder’s plans for 2018.

Some of the highlights included:

  • In the year since Wallenberg began her tenure as CEO, SPP has extended and refined its sustainability criteria and has developed a number of fossil-free funds that go beyond the basis level of criteria. The steps ahead will be to develop the company’s analysis to align it further with the SDGs;
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  • SPP expects to add a “Europa Fund” to its fossil-free Plus funds concept, which includes the SPP Growth Market Plus fund, the SPP Sverige Plus fund and the SPP Global Plus fund that combined saw of inflows of SEK 12 billion in the past six months. The new fund is expected to launch in Q1 2018;


  • Wallenberg fears that progress towards the adoption of sustainability norms in investment is too slow despite growing interest both in Sweden and at the European level, there being a need for pension savers themselves to play an active role in driving capital in the direction of sustainability;


  • There is room for improvement at SPP Fonder, despite its involvement in sustainability for over 20 years, due to new developments in data collection and other areas that change the nature of the analysis itself. SPP Fonder will also be subject to certain regulatory changes in 2018.

Read the interview (in Swedish) here.

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