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Impact Opportunities on Your Doorstep


Stockholm (NordSIP) – Irene Mastelli works as an investment strategist at Nordea in the Wealth Management group. “Our motto is to help clients and advisors become better investors.” Mastelli has worked in the investment industry for over 15 years in different roles includining product development, sales and, over the past eight years, advisory. “I would say that I am a generalist with a passion for sustainability and alternative investments.”

Trust your sense of smell

For Mastelli, sustainable investing is “to truly take a long time horizon when making investments, considering factors such as climate risks into the investment decisions.” Getting started shouldn’t be difficult. “Check with your bank or advisor what is available in sustainability and ask the following questions: does it make sense – does it pass the ‘smell test’? is it in line with your values and interests? Does it help change the world in the way you desire?”

Opportunities may be closer than you think

- Promotion -

“Last year at a conference in a panel I interviewed a firm that provides microcredit in Italy. We are used to think of microfinance as a tool to help lift emerging countries out of poverty, but we have plenty of “non-bankable” clients in our very own developed countries, for example recent immigrants who want to launch or expand a small business. And the local banks love it because they might end up acquiring a client, that they initially consider too risky. This was an ah-ha moment for me. We can do a lot with impact investing even locally! It does not need to be complicated ,it earns a return and changes the world, little by little.”


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