DK Pension Manager Invests in Biogas


Stockholm (NordSIP) – Sampension, manager of pension schemes for employees of the Danish government and its municipalities, has become a central investor in Nature Energy, Denmark’s largest producer of biogas, it announced Wednesday (March 14), with an investment of DKK 1.1 billion.

Nature Energy produces biogas using livestock manure, food waste and other waste products, which helps to reduce agricultural emissions by up to 40 per cent. Biogas simultaneously helps to limit natural gas, in part by offsetting extractions from the North Sea.

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“Nature Energy has the potential to become a new “green lighthouse” for Denmark, and the company [is positioned to become] a major player in the green transformation of the gas grid,” said Hasse Jørgensen, CEO of Sampension. [This is] not only important for the environment, but is also a good investment benefiting Sampension’s customers.”

Nature Energy, already one of the largest contributors of biogas to the European gas grid, is aiming to expand its operations outside of Denmark. By contrast, only 3 per cent of the 17,000 biogas plants in Europe contribute to the grid, with the majority of them typically producing electricity. Nature Energy currently operates five plants and is in the process of building two more, with the objective of establishing 10 new biogas plants throughout Denmark.

“Forecasts from the European Biogas Association show that by 2030, there will be 15 times more biogas in the European gas network than today. We estimate that, together with other investors, we can provide Nature Energy with the best opportunities to conquer a large part of this potential and consolidate the company’s position as Europe’s largest biogas producer for the gas grid,” Jørgensen said.

An analysis from Damvad Analytics shows that exports from the Danish biogas sector can be worth up to DKK 16 billion and create 20,000 new jobs.

“We are convinced that biogas can become Denmark’s next green export adventure, and we are therefore looking forward to the opportunity to realise our potential with the new owner. The Danish biogas sector can significantly strengthen Danish exports and create even more jobs in Denmark,” said Ole Hvelplund, CEO of Nature Energy.

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