SEK250m Investment in ‘Green Diesel’ to Create Jobs

    Stockholm (NordSIP) – The owners of the Swedish company SunPine, a producer of environmentally compatible products based on sustainable forestry, have decided to invest in a completely new facility adjacent to the company’s existing plant at Haraholmen, in Piteå.

    “We are already a world-leading sustainable bio-refinery, with a portfolio of green products that meet strong demand in the market,” said SunPine CEO Magnus Edin. “Therefore, we have now decided to invest SEK250 million to increase our tall diesel fuel capacity by 50%.”

    The decision means the immediate creation of 20 new jobs and potentially a significant amount more resulting from the services the company will need to procure, pending the submission of its environmental permit application. “Our ambition is to commence production at the new plant in 2020,” Edin said.

    The main purpose of the new plant is to increase tall diesel production capacity, which is the only diesel fuel in Sweden awarded the Nordic Swan Eco-label, and which is supplied to consumers by Preem.

    ‘Tall diesel’ oil is a by-product of the pulp and paper industry and forms the basis for the production of SunPine renewable products in which raw tall diesel (RTD) is the chief product, ultimately becoming ‘green diesel’. The first phase of the production is carried out at the Haraholmen facility.

    “Given the right conditions, SunPine could meet 14% of all renewable diesel requirements in Sweden by 2030. It would be a fantastic accomplishment if Sweden could achieve this and become that role model. I am convinced that the sustainably managed Swedish forests could account for a significant share of Sweden’s renewable fuel needs,” Edin added.

    Edin suggested that SunPine products are sustainable by definition, going to the very core of its business model to participate in the shift to a green economy in society as a whole.

    “We are more than just a world-class bio-refinery. We are actually reformers who deliver real climate benefits. And in 2017, our deliveries of these broke all records,” Edin proclaimed.

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    Glenn W. Leaper, PhD
    Glenn W. Leaper, PhD
    Glenn W. Leaper, Associate Editor and Political Risk Analyst with Nordic Business Media AB, completed his Ph.D. in Political and Critical Theory from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2015. He is involved with a number of initiatives, including political research, communications consulting (speechwriting), journalism and writing his first post-doctoral book. Glenn has an international background spanning the UK, France, Austria, Spain, Belgium and his native Denmark. He holds an MA in English and a BA in International Relations.

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