The fossil fuel “engagement vs divestment” debate at Harvard’s endowment fund (Climate Action)

    Mustafa Chaudhry, Senior Producer at Climate Action recently caught up with Kate Murtagh, Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director for Sustainable Investment at Harvard Management Company. The university has the largest academic endowment in the world, totalling $37.1bn.

    Mustafa Chaudhry: Harvard was the first university in the US to sign the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment. How has Harvard’s journey in sustainable investment evolved?

    Kate Murtagh: Harvard’s commitment to sustainable investing dates back to the early 1970s—although it wasn’t called that at the time. The University formed two committees to focus on matters of shareholder responsibility—in particular, exercising the University’s right to vote proxies. Becoming a signatory to the PRI, as well as the CDP’s climate action program, were natural extensions of that commitment to engaged investment.

    Read the full interview here.

    Picture © NordSIP

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