SPP Re-launches SDG Fund


Stockholm (NordSIP) – SPP Fonder has re-launched and renamed its SPP Global Top 100 fund into the SPP Global Solutions fund, giving it a new sustainability focus anchored in the UN global sustainability goals.

The fund is envisaging reducing the number of companies in the fund from 100 to somewhere between 60 and 80, focused on investing only in companies clearly working on solutions to address the SDGs. Whereas previously the Top 100 fund focused on energy companies in solar and wind power, it is expanding its objectives to include investments in SDG 3: Health and Wellbeing, SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities.

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SPP Global Solutions is thus now a fossil-free equity fund with the objective of achieving long-term excess returns by investing in global stock markets, including emerging markets. It will invest in both solution-driven companies and in companies with a wider mandate, aiming for a balanced spread between sectors, industries and regions. The fund will be allowed to deviate considerably from its benchmark index.

“Investing sustainably in a global market is demanding, but necessary for us to achieve a global shift. Fundamental to our analysis is our ambitious sustainability criteria, which has caused us exclude over 700 companies,” SPP Fonder Åsa Wallenberg told Dagens Industri, a Swedish business daily.

“By having the highest requirements in the industry, we reduce the risk in the fund while taking home the hard values of sustainability in terms of returns.”

The changes to the fund also mean that it will be more actively managed.

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