Responsible Investing Online: The Missing Ingredient


Stockholm (NordSIP) – Munnypot, an online investment solution from Jyske Bank just released today, offers a unique angle on responsible investment not in evidence on similar online investment platforms.


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“We wanted to create a solution that is easy to access but which is safe at the same time because access is available and because you are notified if the investment does not develop as expected,” said Jyske director for business development Hanne Birgitte Møller.

What this means is that Munnypot is an online investment tool with advisors standing at the ready. It is possible to reach an investment advisor for any purpose, but the solution is specifically goal-based: a customer sets a goal for returns on investment, and if it appears that the target is becoming beyond reach, the customer can receive direct advice from investment professionals on how to adjust the investment.

Jyske’s own investment company, Jyske Portfolio, is responsible for the investment to create Jyske Munnypot, ensuring that it meets Jyske Group’s Responsible Investment policy and international standards for accountability. Munnypot was developed in collaboration with a UK Fintech company. This does, however, make it a little more expensive than its competitors.

“The advice and the responsible investment have been important elements for us to join into Jyske Munnypot. We think it’s worth paying a small additional fee,” Møller said.

The tool is available to Jyske clients for the time being.

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