IKEA makes an unprecedented commitment to only use renewable and recycled materials by 2030 (BI Nordic)

    Ikea has today announced a major strategic plan to make the furniture giant circular and climate neutral by 2030.

    The move supports Ikea’s new long-term strategy of adapting to a new future marked by resource scarcity and urbanization. As part of this initiative, Ikea has sketched out a strategy document called “Three Roads Forward”, which outlines the furniture group’s future direction towards 2025.

    The three roads are centered on accessibility, the environment and affordability.

    “It was worked out a bit less than a year ago and aims to make Ikea more priceworthy for people who can’t afford it today, more accessible for those who aren’t reached today and create a positive impact on people, society and the planet,” Göran Nilsson, a concept innovation manager at Ikea, told Veckans Affärer this spring.

    In conjunction with the Democratic Design Days, Ikea’s annual media event taking place in its headquarters in Älmhult this week, the furniture chain is detailing the the third road – People & Planet Positive 2030.

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