The 20 Most Influential People In ESG Investing (Barrons)


No report about sustainable investing would be complete without a Who’s Who—a record of the people setting the agenda. Over the past few months, we talked to dozens of people, all of them active in sustainable investing, to find out who they thought should make our list. We also talked to our colleagues at Barron’s, who have been watching the rise of the sustainable-investing space.

We ended up with a catalog of several dozen people and institutions. We culled them to 20 of those who were repeatedly nominated by the people in the industry. The final list is arranged, alphabetically, in the nearby table. Our list reflects today’s ESG universe—outspoken, at ease with institutions, and as comfortable confronting boardrooms as they are sitting in them. Sustainable investing is only just entering the mainstream, and the leaders on our list have long believed this day would come; people like No. 19, John Streur, the CEO of Calvert Research & Management. In 1982, Calvert launched the first mutual fund to avoid business in apartheid-era South Africa. More than 30 years later, Streur merged Calvert with fund family Eaton Vance, suddenly making Calvert’s funds more widely available.

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