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Stockholm (NordSIP) – On June 28, Swedish-based financial adviser Söderberg & Parnters published a report with an analysis of sustainable funds. One of the many conclusions of the paper is a top 10 ranking of the most sustainable funds available to Swedish retail investors. The analysis takes into account two major dimensions of sustainable investing: positive selection and responsible ownership. AXA World Funds took four out of ten spots, while Nordea took three, SEB two and SPP one.

In no particular order, the ten funds with the highest marks were SEB Hållbarhetsfond Sverige and Nordea 1 – Nordic Stars Equity, both in the Swedish and Nordic funds category. For the European category, the top scores went to AXAWF Fram Human Capital and AXAWF Fram Eurozone RI. Global funds were represented by AXAWF MiX in Perspectives, while in Emerging Markets, Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Equity took a spot each.

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For fixed income, the SEB Green Bond Fund and SPP Grön Obligationsfond as well as the AXAWF Planet Bonds fund made the list. Last but not least, in the thematic fund categorgy, Nordea Klimatfond took another spot in this selective list.

Where was everyone else? The report gives a detailed account of every manager’s average score in each category as well as the best scores in each. Länsförsäkringar shows up in the category Global, with its Global Hållbar fund, as well as Öhman, with the Lärarfond 21-44 år. Parvest makes it in the top three with in the European fund category, with the Sustainable Equity High Dividend Europe, and takes two spots in the thematic fund top-three with the Aqua and Global Environment funds. Emerging market specialist East Capital makes it on the top of the list in the Asia category with its China Environmental fund.


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