Global Pace Of Climate Change Remains Double That Of Paris Agreement Target, Claims Schroders (CleanTechnica)

    The current pace of global climate change remains double that of the international targets set in the Paris Climate Agreement due to a lack and speed of global action to limit its impact, according to Schroders Climate Progress Dashboard.

    Global asset manager Schroders announced the news this week a year after it first launched its Climate Progress Dashboard which was designed to provide investors with “a unique insight” into the global progress being made towards limiting global warming to 2°C as set out in the Paris Agreement, and the overall progress of the global transition to a low-carbon economy. The Dashboard identifies the long-term temperature increase the world is currently on track towards based on a range of indicators which span politics, business, technological progress, and energy.

    Currently, according to Schroders Dashboard, planet Earth is on track for a global temperature increase of 4°C above pre-industrial levels, virtually unchanged since the Dashboard was first launched.

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