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In this blogpost in two parts, Tytti Kaasinen, Head of Stewardship & Risk Engagement at GES dives into the future of food, inspired by a her attendance at the EAT forum in June.

If I didn’t already know it, it became obvious at the EAT Forum last month that there are numerous big problems associated with food: hunger, malnutrition, obesity, lifestyle diseases, climate impacts, water risks, land degradation, food waste, plastic packaging, struggling farmers, food insecurity… Apparently what makes it possible for us to stay alive is also making it difficult for many to stay alive and the food system is seriously harming the well-being of people and the planet alike.

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GES is already addressing many of these pressing dilemmas in its Stewardship & Risk engagements: the Water stewardship project covers the related aspects in food production, the Food supply chain engagement focuses on the challenges facing farmers and agricultural workers, and Sustainable seafood provides a take on more responsible protein sources. Furthermore, I warmly recommend that you read our previous blog posts about plastic waste, deforestation, pollinators and food waste.


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Over 100 billion people have walked the planet, making a gigantic stamp on the Earth. Around three quarters of the land and around two-thirds of the marine environment have been significantly altered by humans, impacting the carbon cycle and changing the prospects for many species.

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