Bluewater Invests in Discontinuation of Bottled Water


Stockholm (NordSIP) – Sweden-based water-treatment company Bluewater announced last week that it has made a strategic minority investment in TAPP Water, a Spanish company specialising in the filtration of tap water. The investment will support TAPP Water’s vision of providing sustainable filtration solutions for clean and affordable tap water.

TAPP Water was founded in Barcelona in 2015 as a research project to investigate Spanish consumption habits of bottled water. Their first water filter was manufactured in 2017, achieving great success with the sale of 10,000 units in its first 12 months. A second product offering an affordable and environmentally friendly way for households to access clean tap water as an alternative to bottled water was launched in July 2018.

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Bluewater is a leader in innovation, manufacturing and commercialisation of water purification technology and solutions for residential, business and public sectors. The company has patented a reverse osmosis technology to remove almost all the contaminants in tap water, including microplastic fibres, lead, bacteria, pesticides, medicines, chlorine and lime deposits.

“We are major supporters of TAPP, who have undertaken an elimination of 10 billion disposable water bottles and have created a business set for a turnover of €1 billion by 2023,” said Bluewater strategy chief Anders Jacobson.

TAPP and Bluewater share the objective of offering access to safe drinking water and functional alternatives to buying bottled water to people around the world.

“With its sustainability focus, its dependable water supplies and its capacity to help us grow to achieve our goals, Bluewater is a perfect investor,” said Magnus Iron, a founder of TAPP Water.

TAPP Water has already received €2 million in growth capital, with other investors including the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

“We expect TAPP Water to continue developing its water filtration solutions as they enter a new, exciting expansion phase. [The investment] helps us to achieve our shared goal of discontinuing the use of plastic bottles worldwide,” Jacobson said.

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