DK Bank Partners with SDG Invest


Stockholm (NordSIP) Danish bank Merkur Andelskasse is partnering with SDG Invest, a Danish investment fund that invests uniquely in the top financially performing companies globally that address the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG Invest, which is itself a collaboration between StockRate Asset Management, an independent asset manager and SDGlead, a business sustainability consultancy, was launched in February 2018. It has generated total returns of 9.22% since then, following Q3.

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Merkur Andelskasse specialises in investing in businesses and institutions committed to long-term social development, evaluating companies on their social and environmental scores prior to investment.

The partnership will allow Merkur customers to partake in SDG Investments in globally listed shares selected solely from companies contributing to meeting the 17 UN SDGs. SDG Invest’s portfolio consists of between 50 and 100 sustainable global companies (high spread) who have completed a comprehensive SDG screening and targets long-term investors (investment horizon of four years minimum) with stock certificates at DKK 10,000 each.

SDG Invest’s screening process measures 1) the strength and economic stability of companies, 2) divestments from irresponsible industries, e.g. tobacco, weapons and fossil fuels, and 3) whether companies are working proactively towards the Global Goals or have a strategy to meet them, in order to determine their suitability for the final portfolio.

SDG Invest managed a return of 0.75% for the month of September, following a difficult start to the month but a speedy catch-up at the tail end.

Image: Pixabay-Pexels.

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