BetterWealth Launches Sustainable Portfolio Robo-service


Stockholm (NordSIP) – BetterWealth, the Malmö-based robo-advisory and digital portfolio management service, has launched a service that offers customers a digital investment service with portfolios containing a larger proportion of sustainable investments.

“BetterWeatlh is the first digital investment service in Sweden offering portfolios focused on sustainability. By replacing parts of the portfolios with responsible funds instead of common funds, we can offer portfolios with less exposure to unsustainable and controversial industries,” BetterWealth co-founder and product manager David Jönsson told

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Data availability makes it possible to quantify ESG factors more effectively, making it easier for investors to set measurable sustainability goals with their investments. By providing responsible portfolios, the robot advisor hopes to respond to increased millennial demand while contributing to a more sustainable future.

“Our investment team analyses all newly-launched low-cost funds. Since ESG options that meet both quality and price requirements are now available, we can offer these to our customers,” said BetterWealth investment manager and co-founder Henrik Jönsson. “This means that the customer can take greater responsibility with his investments without losing returns or positive portfolio features such as optimal risk spreading.”

The company was founded in Malmö in 2016 with the goal of offering a digital investment service based on automated investment technology. David Jönsson is previously a fund manager at Danske Capital, Henrik Jönsson is a former risk and quantum analyst at BlackRock while technology manager Andreas Pålsson is a former developer at Axis Communication. The company is rounded out by Martin Tegnér, a Machine Learning researcher at Oxford University.

“With the launch of our responsible portfolios, we want to make it easy for both new and old customers to invest more sustainably. In addition, we hope to alert people to the existence of sustainable investment options,” Pålsson said.

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