Investing Sustainably in Emerging Markets

    NordSIP hosted a round table with six professional investors who discussed the ins and outs of sustainable investing in emerging markets.

    In this report, you will find out how ‘ESG’ translates in emerging markets, starting with ‘G’ of course, but not forgetting ‘E’ and ‘S’. From there, the discussions expands into the ‘SDGs’ and investors point out the danger for ‘SDG-washing’.

    Accountability, measurements and taxonomy are among the concerns present in fund selectors’ minds, and managers discuss the quality of data in emerging markets.

    For dessert, the spotlight is cast upon the investment horizon. How long-term does an investor have to be in order to achieve impact? Not as long as you may think!

    Read all about it below… or jump directly to a section:

    amuse bouche
    Subtle Shades

    Translating ESG in emerging markets
    Cultural differences and no-go zones
    Starting with ‘G’
    What about ‘E’ and ‘S’?
    Considering country risk
    From ESG to SDGs


    main course
    Accountability, measurements & taxonomy
    Comparing & selecting managers
    Data quality in emerging markets

    Setting the investment horizon

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