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February 15th Edition


Impact, Impact & SDGs

Stockholm (NordSIP) – As we were recovering from last week’s events, we took a closer look at a couple of topics that caught our interest at the Stockholm-based Hållbara Finanser conference. In particular, we focus on the strategies we saw that show significant positive impact. We were impressed by the initiative presented by Antoine Prédour, Head of Energy Debt at impact specialist responsAbility Investments. He presented a tierd financing approach to growing the use of solar power for Afrian SMEs.

Still on the subject of impact, we summarise an eloquent presentation by Will Pomroy, Associate Director of Engagement at Hermes Investment Management, where he talks about the matchmaking role an investment manager can take to foster collaboration between portfolio companies. He thereby shows how his firm generates social impact, a dimension often forgotten, as investors favour the “E” and the “G”, linking the effor to the SDGs. The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) published its updated report on a proposed framework for measuring impact, based on the same SDGs. We caught up with Kajetan Czyż, Programme Director, who commented on the new report.

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ESG4Real also proposes a new framework, but for measuring sustainability of investment funds. Morgan Zerne, Managing Director of Responsible Investor Alliance (RIA) Sweden, talked to our very own Kim Hansson and explained how the new standard came about.

Meanwhile, on the Nordic green bond scene, Stora Enso issued their first green bond to help them finance the acquisition of forest land. Finally, we congratulate Swedish state pension AP1 for taking home the ESG prize from Rome, where the Institutional Investor conference took place last week.

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