New ESG Tool for Private Equity and Venture Capital


Stockholm (NordSIP) – IHS Markit, the market intelligence, analytics, and data firm, announced the launch of a new ESG data collection and reporting solution on Tuesday, February 12th. The tool targets private equity and venture capital firms, their portfolio companies and investors, in response to the lack of a single industry standard.

According to a press release from IHS Markit, “ESG reporting in iLEVEL covers 29 metrics shown to be relevant to investors seeking data from portfolio companies and PE or VC funds themselves. The metrics were developed through extensive research conducted by IHS Markit with general partners and limited partners. Flexibility in iLEVEL also permits GPs to customise the ESG metrics they want to collect based on their investor needs or portfolio companies’ characteristics.”

iLevel is a cloud platform for data collection and dissemination that can easily be expanded to include ESG reporting data. iLEVEL provides General Partners with an integrated system for portfolio monitoring, analytics, valuation, and reporting and gives Limited Partners a standardised mechanism with which to collect portfolio information from General Partners.

The metrics cover companies’ CO2 footprint, diversity in employment, independence of board members and other ESG reporting metrics.

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“General partners and portfolio companies understand the value of ESG reporting, yet it has been a challenge to identify, collect and distribute relevant data,” said Melissa Ferraz, managing director at IHS Markit. “Integrating ESG metrics into iLEVEL’s digital framework helps GPs collect, aggregate and report portfolio data more quickly, making it easier for LPs to understand and evaluate ESG performance.”

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