Green Lights for Most Sustainable Pension Insurances


Stockholm (NordSIP) – According to a report published by Söderberg & Partners, one of Sweden’s leading financial advisors and brokers of insurance and financial products, Folksam, Länsförsäkringar, Skandia and SPP were Sweden’s top-rated Sustainable Pension Insurances.

The analysis comprises fourteen Swedish pension insurance companies and considers four categories of performance: the strictness of the insurance funds’ sustainability criteria, engagement, communication and transparency and the range of sustainable funds offered. The result is combined into a final rating of Red, Yellow or Green.

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Länsförsäkringar, Skandia and SPP scored top points for their selection criteria, a reward for their high minimum requirements and the quality of its evaluation models. The regularity of their screening of blacklisted companies and their ongoing dialogue with investment managers earned Folksam, Skandia and SPP a Green engagement rating. Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar and SPP were also considered the most transparent in the industry. Avanza, Skandia and Swedbank offered the widest range of sustainable funds. According to the report, SPP offered too few funds to earn a green rating on this level of performance.

“We are very proud of the grade itself, but I am particularly pleased that the starting point is the savers’ willingness to make a sustainable choice,” says Johanna Landberg, Sustainability Manager at SPP. “We see that there is a strong demand for sustainable saving and it is important that we continue to show how easy it can be to choose a sustainable fund.”

“We have long been committed to making it easy for our customers to choose a sustainable fund. The fact that we get the highest score on how we work with engagement is, in my opinion, a reward for the work we have done. It is an inspiration to continue to work to facilitate the opportunity for our customers to make sustainable choices,” says Michael Kjeller, Head of Asset Management and Sustainability at Folksam.

The worst performers according to Söderberg & Partners’ methodology earned a Red rating and were Nordnet, AMF, Avanza and Brummer.

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