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March 1st Edition


Time to Focus

Stockholm (NordSIP) – While the kids are out of the slopes this week, we had time to focus and dig down into details on several stories. We were excited to hear about the Velux Foundations’ approach to selecting impact managers, as we reached out to Anders Lyngaa Kristoffersen, and read the Harvard Business School case witten on the foundations’ journey.

We also took a closer look at SD-M, a German investment adviser specialised in the integration of ESG factors. Dr. Axel Hesse discussed his long journey devising a standard based on high precison KPIs, thereby challenging the global index providers. Closer to home, we dived into a report published by Södeberg & Partners on the sustainability of Swedish pension foundations. Find out who gets a green light, and who doesn’t.

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Helena Levander, co-founder of Nordic Investor Services talked to NordSIP about the importance of Governance. “Anyone working with sustainability must focus first on the G since good governance is a prerequisite for sound qualitative work on the E and the S,” she told Kim Hansson in an interview. Meanwhile, Allianz Global Investors expresses increasing concern about governance standards in its companies. We also noted that the CFA Institute updated its ESG policy to address the growing global focus in the area.

On a late afternoon, we also caught up with Aegon Asset Management‘s Rens Ramaekers and Gerard Moerman. We discovered that there is more to mortage investing than meets the eye, when trying to incentivise home owners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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COVID-19 has led to a new appreciation of the importance of healthcare in ensuring all members of society thrive. So where should investors be looking to find resilience in an industry facing enormous change?

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