Women Drive Growth in Sustainable Funds, Survey Says


Stockholm (NordSIP) – According to a survey by the Swedish Fund Management Association’s (Fondbolagen), a third of respondents reported choosing a sustainable fund in the allocation of their pension or of their private savings. The majority of these investments were carried out to avoid certain types of companies and industries.

The figure increased from 24% a year ago. More women (42%) than men (25%) have chosen a fund with a sustainable focus.  Interest has increased for both sexes, although it is increasing more for women. Last year, 20% of men and 29% of women stated that they chose their funds because they have a sustainable focus.

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“The interest in saving in sustainable funds has increased, more for women than for men. It is noteworthy that gender differences are increasing and that this year more men are responding no to last year”, says Gustav Sjöholm, savings economist at Fondbolagen.

Only 10% of respondents invested in sustainable funds because they believed doing so would yield higher returns, down from 16% last year. Ethical concerns about the activities of specific companies and industries were the main motivation for seeking sustainable funds. 49% of respondents argued that exclusion was their reason for making this choice. 55% of women were motivated by this logic, up from 53% last year. Only 40% of men investing in sustainable funds made this argument, up from 33% last year. 43% of men and 35% of women responded that they believe their sustainable placement has a positive impact on the environment, working conditions and human rights.

“This year, more people are choosing a sustainable fund to either avoid or actively choose certain companies and industries. However, there are fewer people who believe that sustainability has a positive effect on the return,” says Gustav Sjöholm. This does not have to be the case though. “Given that social development is becoming more sustainable, it is not unreasonable to believe that sustainability and good returns can go hand in hand,” concludes Gustav Sjöholm.

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