UBP AM- EM Sustainable High Grade Corporate Bond

    In Short

    NameUBAM - EM Sustainable High Grade Corporate Bond
    Asset ClassFixed Income
    GeographyEmerging Markets
    Theme/Sub-classFixed Income
    NordSIP CategoryActive SRI
    Fund Manager PageAvailable here
    Fund ProfileAvailable here
    Morning StarAvailable here
    Sustainability informationNA
    Product/StrategyLuxembourg UCITS
    AvailabilityRegistered for investment in Sweden, Norway, and Finland
    ManagerDenis Girault

    Strategy description

    The Fund seeks to grow your capital and generate income primarily by investing in bonds whose issuer is a company domiciled in emerging countries, has an underlying instrument directly or indirectly linked to emerging countries or is a company whose risks are directly or indirectly linked to emerging countries. On an ancillary basis, the Fund may be invested inter alia in bonds issued or guaranteed by sovereign issuers from emerging countries.

    SRI Highlights

    It is an actively managed, well diversified portfolio made up of relatively high-quality bonds with a minimum credit rating of BBB- (Fitch, Standard & Poor’s) or Baa3 (Moody’s) and a minimum BB ESG rating without Red controversy flag (MSCI ESG Research). ESG rating relates to companies meeting environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. The Fund will mainly invest in the currencies of OECD countries. The foreign exchange risk against US Dollars will be largely hedged.