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Stockholm (NordSIP) – This week, we unveil yet another category of the IRRI survey 2019‘s “Nordic Cut”. Find out who the Nordic IRRI survey respondents designated as the Sell-Side research firm providing the best sustainable investment / corporate governance research.

And the Nordic investors chose…

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1 – UBS (Investment Research)
2 – Kepler Chevreux (Investment Research)
3 – SEB (Equity Research)

The head trio of the Nordic cut differs somewhat from the global ranking for the category (available on SRI-Connect), where UBS ranks 4th and Kepler Chevereux ranks 3rd. SEB, as the only Nordic firm present in the top 20, benefits even more spectacularly from the local votes, as it only ranks 13th on the global list. The firm’s efforts to provide quality sustainable investment research in 2018 have paid off, as the global rank has also significantly improved compared to the last edition of the IRRI survey (2017, published in March 2018), when SEB ranked only 20st.

We also noticed that two other Nordic firms had been commended in the 2017 survey, which means that they didn’t make it into the top 20, but still obtained a vote from one or more survey respondents. This year, however, they disappeared altogether. With sustainability integration becoming increasingly prevalent locally as well as globally, it may be time for the Nordic sell-side research providers to step up.

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