New Long-Term Thematic Strategy at UBP


Stockholm (NordSIP) – On July 25, Geneva-headquartered private bank Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) announced the launch of a new Multifunds Secular Trends strategy, a long-only fund-of-fund which will combines thematic investing with a long-term view.

The new strategy will invest in a concentrated portfolio of 10 to 20 high-conviction thematic equity UCITS funds, with exposure to four key trends: climate change, demographics, consumption patterns and disruptive innovation. The asset manager believes that “these trends will continue to create favourable conditions for leading companies that are able to develop and adapt, and it will provide an innovative investment opportunity for active investors,” a press release reveals.

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“No single organisation has the resources and expertise to outperform consistently in every market, across all trends and thematics,” says Didier Chan-Voc-Chun, head of the UBP’s Multi-Management & Fund Research team, which will manage the strategy. “In a world where disruptive innovation is blurring the lines between countries, sectors, and industries, thematic investments are emerging as an ideal tool for UBP’s clients. One of our key attributes is our third-party fund selection team, and open architecture lies at the heart of our solution offering.”

Criteria for manager selection will be the transparency, consistency and asset capacity of third-party funds.

“Innovation requires asset managers to make courageous decisions, for example, offering and reshaping innovative solutions in the thematic space. This strategy underlines UBP’s core values and commitment to responsible investing. As a family-owned, private bank, investing for the future and for upcoming generations is central to our planning and development,” added Nicolas Faller, Co-CEO of Asset Management at UBP.

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