UBS Private Wealth Directs Quarter Billion Into KKR Impact


Stockholm (NordSIP) – Swiss-headquartered global wealth manager UBS raised US$ 225 million from its private clients for the KKR Global Impact Fund, the institution announced on September 4.

According to UBS, the KKR Global Impact Fund invests in businesses providing commercial solutions that contribute measurable progress toward one or more of the UN SDGs. Specifically, the strategy focuses on opportunities where financial performance and societal impact are intrinsically aligned, and there is no trade-off between positive impact and economic outcomes. “KKR has built a proven model to source, diligence, and create value in companies around the world, including those companies whose core business model addresses a critical societal challenge. The KKR Global Impact team leverages this toolkit and distinguishes itself with a focus on lower middle-market private equity opportunities globally, building on KKR’s 10-year track record of investing in businesses that promote sustainable development,” UBS states in a press release.

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“We set out to create the KKR Global Impact Fund because we believe that in today’s world, investors have an imperative to create a positive impact while making a financial return. We are thrilled to see UBS and their private clients agree and that we are able to work together in achieving this shared mission,” says Ken Mehlman, Co-Head of KKR Global Impact.

In 2017, UBS committed to raising US$ 5 billion for SDG-related impact investments over the next five years. Investing in a private-equity vehicle such as the KKR fund counts towards this goal. “Tackling global sustainability challenges is an increasingly important investment opportunity for us and for our clients. We are delighted to work with firms who share this perspective and who can help our clients make a positive impact as well as earn a compelling return,” comments Mark Haefele, Chief Investment Officer at UBS Global Wealth Management.

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