Beneath the headlines: stories that might surprise investors in 2020 (Jupiter)

    by Charlie Thomas, Head of Strategy, Environment & Sustainability, Jupiter Asset Management

    If the only constant in life is change, the pace of change often seems to come in waves. This is particularly true in the field of sustainable solutions investing, where we head into a new decade anticipating an acceleration of the recent momentum that was at times absent from the last.

    Consider the landmarks we see for 2020:

    • The first major offshore wind projects outside of Europe and China will take shape in the US and Taiwan, highlighting accelerating growth of offshore wind as a global renewable energy source.
    • Mass-market electric vehicles will for the first time roll off production lines on three continents, as automotive companies hasten development of alternatives to combustion engine cars.
    • Groups of South East Asian nations will bring to a halt the imports of ‘waste from the West’, in some cases even sending it back. This will add even greater urgency to a global trend towards of developing ‘circular’ economies focussed on waste prevention and recycling.

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    Image by Martin Winkler from Pixabay

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