Jupiter Global Ecology Diversified Fund

    In Short

    NameJupiter Global Ecology Diversified Fund
    Asset ClassMulti-Assets (Fixed Income & Equities)
    NordSIP CategoryCore Impact
    Fund ProfileAvailable here
    MorningstarAvailable here
    AvailabilityRegistered for investment in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
    ManagerCharlie Thomas and Rhys Petheram

    Strategy description

    The strategy looks at companies and organisations focused on providing solutions in areas such as climate change mitigation, pollution prevention, the circular economy, sustainable use and protection of water and natural ecosystems and present multi-decade investment opportunities. Thus offering our clients focused and specialist exposure to these companies, generating both positive investment returns and sustainability impacts.
    The Fund has a thematic global bias, investing in shares and bonds of companies globally, considered by the investment managers to be part of the move to a sustainable economy with the capability to invest in high yield bonds.

    SRI Highlights

    The Environmental and Sustainable Investment team conducts its own analysis in conjunction with research from a selection of third party specialists. The team draws on the knowledge of specialist stockbroking analysts, environmental and social scientists and government and independent research agencies. Prior to investment, each company must be approved as one that provides an environmental solution at the core of its business. This process is referred to as ‘positive’ screening as it determines whether a company can be included in the portfolio. In addition, each company must also pass a ‘negative’ screen.






    International Norms: companies whose activities clearly infringe international agreements and which are complicit in human rights abuses

    Fossil fuel / Thermal coal: No formal exclusions apply however the fund in question typically does not invest unless the company is in the process of replacing its fossil fuel operation for a green alternative.

    All Weapons including Anti-personnel mines, Cluster munitions, Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Weapons