How Sustainability Works at MFS (MFS)

    At MFS, sustainable investing encompasses the integration of ESG factors into our investment process as well as active ownership through proxy voting and engagement.  Our investment team relies on fundamental research and a long-term perspective to select companies that can produce sustainable returns throughout an economic cycle. This approach further integrates all material factors – including ESG topics – into the investment decision-making process.

    Sustainability: An Active Approach, A Long-Term View

    Michael Cantara: I do think that the pace of change that we’ve seen and the way that technology has disrupted so many different industries really creates many opportunities for investments as well. And I think there’s two sides of the sustainability debate. It’s risk management, but it’s also understanding where we might be able to uncover some different opportunities or new opportunities for investors as well.

    Michael Roberge: So MFS has been managing capital responsibility for clients for 95 years now. And at our founding we invented the first mutual fund in the United States, which democratized investing for individual investors, which historically had been only opened to institutions. And so we were a pioneer in the business, and as we think about sustainability, we’ve been doing it for a very long time and we actually think it’s synonymous with long-term investing.

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