Happy New Year (in Green)!


Out with the old, and in with the new! It’s January 3rd and still early enough to make a resolution, if we haven’t taken one (or some) yet. This time, we are not just committing for a new year but for a decade and it is worth thinking twice and getting some inspiration. With the new year, wishes came many warnings this year. “We cannot afford to be the generation that fiddled while the planet burned,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres. “2020 – The year of the Moment of Truth… It´s about the future of our children – mine and yours,” said global environmental scientist Johan Rockström.

If you haven’t yet caught up with what happened in sustainable investing in the Nordics last year, you can still do it: we have written a comprehensive summary just for you. Now, if you need more inspiration yet, we have assembled below some of 2019’s most-read interviews.

Before you dig in, we take this opportunity to send you our best wishes for the year. We have an exciting time ahead of us and we hope to take you with us on this journey. If you think of someone who you think could gain from inspiration to invest more sustainably, feel free to forward them our letter. And you got this letter from someone else, get your own by signing up here!


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The Week in Green

Alternatives & ETFs

We partnered with HedgeNordic to bring you a wide range of alternative investments in the context of ESG. In Denmark, pension fund P+ announced a new responsible investments approach. Fredrik Nilsson jumps ship from BlackRock's iShares in Copenhagen to strengthen Invesco's ETF franchise in Stockholm.

Renewed Fears

The Chips are Down