Requirement for Credible Impact Investor: IMM


    Stockholm (NordSIP) – According to the second edition of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)’s survey released on Tuesday, January 21st, impact measurement and management (IMM) “is now a requirement for all credible impact investors”.

    The report surveyed 278 impact investors of which 109 are two-year repeat respondents. It provides a comprehensive view of how impact investors assess their social and environmental impact and the trends that have shaped IMM practices in the past two years.

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    Beyond the increased integration of IMM, 90% or more of respondents also noted that IMM has become more sophisticated and that there has been an increase in the availability of guidance and professionals with IMM-relevant skills. Among other results, the survey showed that investors are coalescing around IMM tools such as alignment with the SDGs. According to the GIIN, the result of the survey – The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice reflect the increased sophistication and maturation of IMM practices since the release of its first edition in 2017.

    “Impact measurement and management practices are absolutely critical to the success of impact investing—not only preserving the integrity of impact investing, but also by raising the bar on impact investors to become more effective at translating their intentions into real impact results,” said Amit Bouri, Co-Founder and CEO of the GIIN. “My hope is that one day impact investors will compete on impact performance much as the market competes now on financial performance.”

    GIIN’s Director of Impact Measurement and Management, Kelly McCarthy, added, “We’ve seen significant changes in attitudes towards IMM practices since the first edition of the GIIN’s IMM Survey. The market is maturing rapidly and demand for more and better impact performance management is only increasing. We’re moving in a positive direction, and I hope insights from this new survey will continue to help inform what is needed to move the industry forward and integrate impact investing into the mainstream.”

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