PRI Hosts First Nordic Forum

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    Stockholm (NordSIP) – On Tuesday, February 4, the PRI held a Nordic Forum for the first time. This event gathered a large audience of Nordic signatories at Skandia’s headquarters in Stockholm and featured several insightful panels and presentations.

    Eva Halvarsson (pictured), CEO of Swedish state pension AP2 and Board member of the PRI, welcomed the guests and presented key figures. The PRI counts 235 Nordic signatories out of a total of over 2,300, representing at least US$ 86 trillion.

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    According to the PRI, 115 of the 253 Nordic signatories are public reporters, meaning that the information about their assets is available to everyone. These represent almost US$ 3 trillion in AUM, of which by far the largest is the Norwegian Oil fund (weighing today more than US$ 1 trillion according to NBIM).

    “It is up to us to live up to your expectations,” Halvarsson states on behalf of the PRI. As the organisation continues to grow, and the understanding and the practice of responsible investment principles becomes more entrenched in the financial community, the organisation expands its reach and coverage with new initiatives. The PRI Forums are a new type of event which started in New York City in 2019. This format has since been repeated in different parts of the world, and now in the Nordics. On February 12, London will host a PRI Forum for the UK, and more forums will take place shortly.

    These local gatherings of PRI signatories with responsible investment experts and PRI staff members complement the organisation’s annual mega-conference, the PRI in Person, which happens on a different continent every year. In 2020, it will take place in Tokyo, Japan.

    “The Nordic region is very important for the PRI,” Halvarsson adds. “The second central bank signatory is a Nordic one.” Finland’s central bank signed the principles on December 18 2019. The first central bank to join the PRI ranks was the Netherlands. Halvarsson challenges the audience to recruit other central banks in the region to sign the principles.

    The number of Nordic signatories is growing at a pace of 20% year over year, which shows a keen interest in sustainability, especially from smaller investment managers. To respond to the growth, the PRI is opening a new full-time position to cover the region alongside Yulia Sofronova, Head of Nordic, CEE & CIS, Signatory Relations, also present at the event.

    “The Nordic region continues to be at the forefront of responsible investment. We hope that today’s forum will provide with new ideas, new insights and new networks,” Halvarsson concludes, passing the podium to Lars-Göran Orrevall, Head of Asset Management at Skandia, the host for the day.

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