A Forum, Three Moves, Two Splashes and a Blunder


In Stockholm, on Tuesday, the PRI hosted its first-ever Nordic Forum. AP2 CEO Eva Halvarsson welcomed the participants on behalf of the PRI, as she is also one of the organisation’s board members. One of the sessions focused on climate change and the inevitable policy response & TCFD. “The policy response is not priced into the markets,” warns Thomas Kansy of economic consultancy Vivid Economics. The panel also included Sweden Central Bank‘s Heidi Elmér, Folksam‘s Emelie Westholm and Skandia‘s Hans Forssman.

In a new report, the TPI shows that only 29% of the largest publicly-listed industrial companies are on the path to align their emissions with the 2030 pledges of the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile, MSCI announced the launch of its Climate Value-At-Risk tool, a service to help investors assess their exposure to climate-related risks and opportunities.

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Earlier this week, media reports flagged investments by Northern Trust Asset Management in Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology – a Chinese company complicit in the persecution of the minority Uyghur Muslim population in China – which appear to have been included in a mandate for AP4. Filters and exclusions can be trickier than you think…

In the green bond market, both France and Chile made a splash by issuing a combined US$ 5.5 billion equivalent in four transactions. Also in the fixed income space, data and analytics provider IHS Markit partnered with MSCI to extend coverage of its ESG rating service to fixed income and credit indices.

As sustainable investments continue to grow in popularity, people move, and we caught up with three of them this week! Madinda Wilhelmsson Shaw joined Sustainalytic‘s Stockholm office, Henrik Hoffmann-Fischer looks forward to promoting Eaton Vance‘s long-term ESG expertise and Man Group appointed Robert Furdak as the first CIO of ESG.


Image by Hans Braxmeier on Pixabay

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