Thematic Strategies – Round Table Insights

    As far as sustainable investments are concerned, thematic investments have a special role to play as well. While negative screening and ESG integration are hygiene factors, nowadays, many institutions, and most individual savers, have yet to dip their toe in the world of impact investing. Those opportunities that typically belong to the impact world, nonetheless, rely on mega-trends and “themes”.

    More often than before, however, the thematic approach proposed in the context of sustainable investment strategies have a wider scope than purely thematic strategies, such as those targeting water or cybersecurity, for example.

    Those multi-thematic funds propose to investors a new approach that presents a double advantage compared to typical thematic funds. First, the focus is not on one but on several potential growth trends, increasing the manager’s chances of getting it right in the long term. Or in other words, diversifying the risks and increasing accessibility to a larger pool of investors. Second, the sustainability angle of these multi-thematic approaches includes de-facto ESG integration and norm-based exclusions.

    With those thoughts in mind, we convened a round table on the topic of thematic investments to discover what these strategies aim to deliver while getting a better understanding of how they fit the needs of institutional investors or fund selectors. The topic took us along a journey from listed impact to the sustainable development goals.

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