Gender Diversity – a decade of progress, but it must continue (BMO GAM)

We recognise the value that diversity in the boardroom and senior management can bring to an organisation. A relevant and suitably diverse mix of skills and perspectives is critical. Companies should, therefore, increase the level of diversity at the board, management and all levels of the organisation to ensure that they draw on the richest possible combination of competencies, experience and outlooks.

For several years, BMO Global Asset Management has placed great emphasis on gender diversity via multiple avenues, including: internal initiatives and targets; engaging and voting to support diversity; and supporting industry groups such as Catalyst and the 30% Club. In fact, it is a decade since the first 30% Club chapter was founded in the UK. We were founding members of the group and continue to support its efforts today, in the UK and in further chapters that have been established internationally. We are also members of the Diversity Project. The aim of this group is to accelerate progress towards an inclusive culture in the investment and savings profession.


Our focus is not only on board-level gender diversity. We also engage companies on diversity and equal opportunities within organisations. Dialogue with companies around the world on diversity remains a focus area for the coming years. Despite what has been achieved over the past decade, there is still a long way to go globally before genuine diversity within industry is achieved.


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