Lannebo Adopts Sweeping Exclusions Policy


Stockholm (NordSIP) – Lannebo Fonder has announced it will no longer invest in controversial industries such as industries arms, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, cannabis, oil, coal and gas, across any of its funds.

Lannebo Fonder is an independent, fund management company focused on active management founded in 2000 by Anders Lannebo together portfolio managers from fund management companies of leading Nordic banks.

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“In recent years, our meetings with corporate management have become increasingly about sustainability,” says Maria Nordqvist (Pictured), Sustainability Manager at Lannebo. “Since every investment decision we make is preceded by a sustainability analysis of the company in question, we have gradually left several industries where the risks were simply too great.”

Although Lannebo has been avoiding companies in sectors with high sustainability risks, the company is only now formally adopting such a thorough exclusions policy. “The change is not very big for Lannebo in practice, since we have already in principle left these industries,” Nordqvist adds. “But to make it clearer where we stand, we choose to also clear out the last remnants from all our funds.”

Given that the asset manager already integrates ESG factors into its investment analysis, Nordqvist argues this latest decision now allows the company to claim all funds can now be called “sustainable”.

Image Courtesy of Lannebo

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