Help ESG AND Fight the Pandemic – All at Once

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    Stockholm (NordSIP) – At the start of 2020, the European Commission selected Hindsight Consultancy, Institutional Investor Research, Minter Ellison, SRI-CONNECT and SustainAbility to conduct a major study on sustainable investment data, ratings and investment research. As part of the latest phase in the project, the research consortium is asking asset owners, asset managers, research providers and listed companies’ IROs and CSR managers to share their experience and ideas of the sustainable investment value chain.

    To conduct this part of the research, SRI-CONNECT and Hindsight Consultancy were paid a €20,000 fee to interview company executives. However, wishing to contribute to the struggle against COVID19 and hoping to speed up the response process, the two researchers, Mike Tyrell (pictured above, as the host of the 2019 Sustainable Investment Forum Europe in Paris) and James Hulse, have promised to donate the fee to a COVID19 charity if respondents provide written responses via the Study’s online portal or directly via email to Mike Tyrrell, founder of SRI-CONNECT.

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    “If we could persuade our target respondents to answer our questions online (rather than via telephone interview), we could reduce the research time required and donate our fee to a charity operating at the frontline of COVID-19 response. Essentially, we have found an efficiency in our process and would like to donate that efficiency to someone who really needs resources right now.”

    “The sum allocated to SRI-CONNECT and Hindsight Consultancy for interviewing is €20,000. So, in as much as you, leaders of the sustainable investment industry, complete our surveys online, we will donate that money to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.”

    According to Tyrrell, the results of the research project “could revolutionise the way that sustainable investment research contributes to mainstream investment decision-making.”

    For Tyrrell, contributions from Nordic investors may be particularly meaningful as “the region hosts some of the most articulate and progressive investors in sustainable investment globally.”

    The deadline for submission is April 30st.


    Featured image courtesy of Climate Action

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