ACI U.S. Sustainable Large Cap Core

    In Short

    NameACI U.S. Sustainable Large Cap Core
    Asset ClassEquity
    NordSIP CategoryCore/Impact
    Fund ProfileAvailable here
    StructureSeparate Account
    ManagerGregory Woodhams, CFA; Justin Brown, CFA; Joe Reiland, CFA; Rob Bove, CPA

    Strategy description

    Our U.S. Sustainable Large Cap Core strategy combines ESG factors with fundamental business improvement metrics and systematically evaluates the factors throughout the research process and in portfolio construction.

    SRI Highlights

    The strategy intends to have a weighted average portfolio ESG score that places the portfolio in the top decile of U.S. Large Blend Equity peers, based on MSCI ESG fund quality rankings and Morningstar’s fund sustainability ratings. This is achieved by investing in companies that are considered ESG leaders (either at the product, business involvement or ESG performance) in their respective sectors while excluding worst-in-class or issue-oriented companies and tobacco companies. The strategy’s portfolio managers work closely with the ESG team to ensure that any ESG risks identified by our ESG integration process are not financially material to the investment thesis.




    International Norms: companies whose activities clearly infringe international agreements and which are complicit in human rights abuses (following the UN guiding principles and OECD guidelines).

    Fossil fuel / Thermal coal: The strategy does not invest in companies involved in thermal coal.

    All Weapons The strategy will not invest in companies whose primary business is the production of controversial weapons and the production of civilian firearms.

    Tobacco: companies that derive any turnover from the manufacture of tobacco products from the sale of tobacco products.