Zetterlund to Continue Schroders’ Nordic Push

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    Stockholm (NordSIP) – On August 31st, Schroders announced the appointment of Sofie Zetterlund as its new Nordic Head of Marketing. The decision is the latest step in a push that the asset manager is making into the Nordics.

    “I’m delighted to be joining Schroders,” Zetterlund said. “We have the opportunity to take the Schroders brand to the next level in the Nordics, this together with the fact that the Nordic team is strong with high ambitions and the business has lots of potential really attracted me. Communication and brand value will be crucial to fully unleash that potential and I look forward to exploring new and creative ways to stay relevant to clients, media and the society as a whole.”

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    Zetterlund will be based in Schroders’ Stockholm office and will report to Henrik Jonsson, Country Head Nordics. She joins the asset manager from Fogel & Partners, a Stockholm-based communication agency with a strong focus on capital markets. Between 2011 and 2012, Zetterlund was a Marketing Manager for the Nordic regions at BlackRock in London, after which she moved to ODIN Fund Management in Oslo, where she stayed until 2016.

    Returning to Asset Management

    “When I moved back to Sweden I joined a fintech-firm for a short while, looking after communications,” Zetterlund tells NordSIP. “But fairly quickly, I was recruited to an agency with a strong focus on capital markets communication.”

    “During my time at the agency, we focused a lot on sustainability and ESG from a stock market perspective. Investor relations activities for listed companies as well as communications connected to transactions, IPOs and M&A, were a big part of what we were doing and sustainability was an important factor in all aspects of the job.”

    Making a Difference

    The return to asset management is driven by her wish to make a change. “I love the fact that asset management has so much power to change things for the better,” Zetterlund explains. “One example of that is BlueOrchard, a leading global impact investment manager, that Schroders bought a majority stake in fairly recently. That ticks all my boxes as they are dedicated to generate a lasting positive impact for communities and the environment and to fight global poverty.”

    “But asset management is of course also about generating returns and making sure that people are looked after in the future through pension funds etc., which is also extremely important for society. I am also attracted to the fact that you need to be the best in your field to claim your space in this industry. I have always been quite a competitive person.”

    Expanding Nordic Presence

    Beyond Schroders’ reputation for quality, longevity and professionalism Zetterlund was also keen to continue to work internationally. “The fact that Schroders is a global firm with a strong local presence makes this job the perfect fit for me. I also think that the Schroders brand has a lot of untapped potential in this region. I am very much looking forward to increase our marketing and communication efforts and grow the footprint of our brand locally.”

    Discussing the state of sustainable investing, Zetterlund emphasised the advanced stage of development of the field in the region. “Nordic clients are among the most sophisticated investors. Sustainability is a hygiene factor rather than a competitive advantage these days. There is, of course, much more to be done, but I am certain that the world is moving in the right direction. Investors don’t want to compromise. They want returns and a sustainable society at the same time. It shouldn’t be one over the other. I think it is inspiring to see impact investors reaping huge success and interest, green bonds booming and investors, in general, being active and demanding to change things for the better.”

    “I’m happy to welcome Sofie Zetterlund on board at this exciting time of our journey. Sofie brings a wealth of relevant experience which will help us achieve the next phase in our region,” commented Henrik Jonsson, Country Head Nordics, Schroders.

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    Filipe Albuquerque
    Filipe Albuquerque
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