Renewed Fears

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    While we celebrate our kid’s favourite holiday, the fears and restrictions brought in by the increasing rate of Covid-19 infections shook the markets this week. Will ESG and SRI show the same resilience in the second wave as it did in the first one?

    Healthcare is one sector in particular that has been affected by the pandemic in an ambiguous way. While crucial needs have increase pressure on the sector, the financial effects may not necessarily be positive. Where should investors be looking to find resilience in an industry facing enormous change? Aviva Investors published an interesting analysis to help answer that question.

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    Meanwhile, American Century Investments looks at another side of the pandemic effects. While technology has changed the way we work, learn and shop in the West, Covid-19 has also dramatically accelerated the pace of change in emerging markets. This transformation should create investment opportunities in many sectors and industries, suggest Patricia Ribeiro and Nathan Chaudoin.

    Just in time, the European Union launched its first social bond, in the context of the Unemployment Risk in an Emergency (SURE) programme, created to mobilise significant financial means to fight the negative economic and social consequences of the coronavirus outbreak on their territory.

    In Japan, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that the country will become carbon neutral by 2050. A the same time, in Europe, more exclusions continue to restrict the flow of capital towards brown investments. This week, French banking group Société Générale has announced that it will stop financing oil and gas extraction in the US. In the UK, Brunel Pension launched a new Sustainable Equities Fund which will be managed by Nordea AM and two other managers.

    According to the recently launched SHEcurity Index, women remain underrepresented in the field of foreign and defence policy. The Index rates the gender equality between male and female representation in national parliaments, ambassadorships, diplomatic corps, the armed forces and the police from the EU countries and the G20.


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