Triodos Global Equity Impact Fund

In Short

NameTriodos Global Equity Impact Fund
Asset ClassEquity
Theme/Sub-classLarge cap
NordSIP CategoryCore/Impact
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StructureSub-fund of Luxembourg domiciled Triodos I SICAV
AvailabilitySweden and Denmark
ManagerPieter-Jan Hüsken

Strategy description

Triodos Global Equities Impact Fund invests in large-cap companies that demonstrate successful commercial solutions to our seven sustainable transition themes: Sustainable Food & Agriculture, Renewable Resources, Circular Economy, Sustainable Mobility & Infrastructure, Prosperous & Healthy People, Social Inclusion & Empowerment, and Innovation for Sustainability. Companies must also meet our market leading Triodos Minimum Standards covering product, process, and precautionary principles.

The fund integrates sustainability factors into fundamental company analysis, which presents more informed and robust company valuation opinions. We do this on a sector and industry specific basis, which enables our analysts and portfolio managers to make informed and contextualised assessments of companies within their competitive landscapes. Also, as a dedicated impact investment house with a 20+ year history of successfully working with listed companies to improve their sustainability profiles, we initiate value-enhancing engagement with all our portfolio companies.

We strive for positive impact alongside financial return that is in-line with the market, over a medium-to-long-term horizon (5+ years).

SRI Highlights

We value being transparent and sophisticated in our sustainability monitoring and reporting. Triodos Impact Equities and Bonds use ecological footprint data to measure the water, carbon and waste outputs of our portfolios. We publicly disclose our voting records and report progress on direct, indirect and collaborative engagement. And we publicly disclose our portfolio companies’ positive and negative impact on each individual SDG.
Read the Impact Equities and Bonds Impact Report here:
Highlight Impact Report – Triodos Global Equity Impact Fund attached as separate document.






International Norms: companies whose activities clearly infringe international agreements and which are complicit in human rights abuses (following the UN guiding principles and OECD guidelines).

Fossil fuel / Thermal coal: companies that derive over 10% of their revenues from the extraction of thermal coal, oil and gas companies whose production derived from oil sands is 1% or more of total production and extractives companies undertaking exploration and production activities in sensitive areas.

All Weapons including Anti-personnel mines, Cluster munitions, Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Weapons

Tobacco: companies that derive any turnover from the manufacture of tobacco products or derive 10% or more of turnover from the sale of tobacco products.

Gambling: companies whose core business is gambling, such as casinos or derive 10% or more of their total revenues from gambling, such as hotels or restaurants.

Pornography: companies involved in the production or distribution of pornographic materials or retailers that derive more than 3% of turnover from the sale of such material.

Alcohol: companies that derive any turnover from the production of alcoholic beverages, that derive over 33% of turnover from selling alcohol or derive over 10% from bottling, wholesale or sale.