Prince Charles Endorses Lombard Odier’s Natural Capital strategy


    Stockholm (NordSIP) – On November 16th, Lombard Odier launched its Natural Capital Strategy,  directly inspired by the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance, a Sustainable Markets Initiative established by the Prince of Wales. The Circular Bioeconomy Alliance, of which Lombard Odier is a founding member, promotes the transition to a climate and nature positive economy by connecting investors to sustainable investable solutions.

    The Natural Capital strategy, together with Lombard Odier’s Climate Transition strategy, which was launched earlier in 2020, aims to support a move to a circular, lean, inclusive, and clean economic model. The strategy manages a high-conviction portfolio of 40-50 companies focusing on innovative publicly listed, small to mid-sized companies in North America, Europe, and Asia that are already profitable. The target companies are also well-positioned to take advantage of four growth opportunities, namely the circular bio-economy, resource efficiency, outcome orientated consumption and zero waste.

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    “We need to accelerate our efforts and set the course for a sustainable future rooted in a new economic model – in other words, a circular bioeconomy that puts Nature and the restoration of Natural Capital at the centre of the entire process,” Prince Charles commented. “Building a sustainable future is, in fact, the growth story of our time. If we are to drive global economic growth, it is imperative that we value and invest in our natural capital. This is why I am enormously encouraged to see that, under my Sustainable Markets Initiative, the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance is working hand-in-hand to support the Natural Capital Strategy developed by Lombard Odier.”

    “The investment industry, which represents $120 trillion of capital, will always seek returns as a primary objective,” Hubert Keller, Managing Partner of Lombard Odier Group and CEO of Lombard Odier IM, adds. “Today some of the most convincing returns opportunities lie in the transition to a more sustainable economic model, putting climate transition and nature centre stage.”

    “That is why we are launching the first Natural Capital Strategy, inspired by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales and in collaboration with the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance. By investing in companies that align their business models to the concept of Harnessing or Preserving Nature, our Natural Capital strategy has identified an untapped investment opportunity – one that we believe will deliver strong returns for investors and help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy,” Keller concluded.

    Image by José Dias/PR – Palácio do Planalto via Flikr

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