Strömberg on the Move

    Stockholm (NordSIP) – Carnegie Fonder, a Swedish asset manager, announced that Anna Strömberg will join as head of sustainability, and as manager of the Tillväxt Sverige fund, Sweden’s first Nordic Swan Ecolabelled fund, at the start of 2021.

    Anna Strömberg has an MSc in Financial Economics from Stockholm University and joins from Catella Fund Management, where she was a fund and sustainability manager. Strömberg has worked as an asset manager for 23 years and sits on the board of Swesif, Sweden’s forum for responsible investments.

    An Exciting Opportunity

    “Carnegie Fonder is one of Sweden’s leading asset managers, with a long and successful history. I look forward to further developing Carnegie Fonder’s sustainability work, together with both new colleagues,” says Strömberg on the occasion of the announcement.

    “I’m looking forward to deepening and developing the sustainability working that has already begun at Carnegie fonder. It will be interesting to use Carnegie’s proprietary CF THOR digital tool, which integrates modern sustainability analysis with the traditional financial analysis and integrate it further into investment processes and the companies sustainability strategy,” Strömberg tells NordSIP.

    “I am also looking forwards to working with a global investment universe, that includes Sweden and the Nordics alongside emerging markets like Russia and Asia,” she adds.

    At Carnegie Fonder, Anna Strömberg will be the responsible manager for Tillväxt Sverige, Sweden’s first Nordic Ecolabelled fund. Strömberg will also be responsible for Carnegie Fonder’s overall sustainability work and will chair the Carnegie Fonder’s Council for Responsible Investment, which supports and coordinates the managers’ sustainability work.

    Challenges and Opportunities

    “One of the main challenges for Nordic sustainable investors is keeping up to date with regulations and initiatives coming from the EU.  Data availability is another challenge in the sustainability arena. In order to comply with disclosure requirements, we will need a lot more data than we have readily available today. Trustworthy data is also essential for making the distinction between greenwashing and true sustainable companies and products,” Strömberg explained.

    “However, on the other side the rules and regulations also open up a lot of opportunities as global, regional, and national policies and initiatives provide the clarity about the future necessary to facilitate investment in companies that will help us in the energy transition for example,” she says.

    “There’s a disconnect between the sell-side analysts’ willingness to factor these growth opportunities into their models and the buy-side willingness to pay up for long-term growth. This opens up investment opportunities and unappreciated pockets of growth. Finally, the new focus on sustainability creates new opportunities to fund the technological innovation necessary to facilitate the energy transition, which creates value for shareholders and society,” Strömberg adds.

    According to Carnegie Fonder’s CEO, Hans Hedström, “Anna Strömberg is an experienced manager who also has cutting-edge knowledge of sustainability issues. It is a unique combination that will enhance Carnegie Fonder’s sustainability work in all asset classes and markets.”

    Image courtesy of Anna Strömberg

    Filipe Albuquerque
    Filipe Albuquerque
    Filipe is an economist with 8 years of experience in macroeconomic and financial analysis for the Economist Intelligence Unit, the UN World Institute for Development Economic Research, the Stockholm School of Economics and the School of Oriental and African Studies. Filipe holds a MSc in European Political Economy from the LSE and a MSc in Economics from the University of London, where he currently is a PhD candidate.

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