Capital Dynamics Future Essentials II

    In Short

    Strategy description

    Capital Dynamics Future Essentials II is a diversified multi-manager private equity solution with a focus on long-term growth, operational value creation and ESG. The fund will invest globally into high-quality and access-constrained funds of experienced managers with a proven investment strategy that target operational improvements and sales growth, e.g. expanding into new markets and internationalisation.

    SRI Highlights

    As with every product launched as of 2019, Capital Dynamics Future Essentials II formally incorporates the PRI, the SDGs and other ESG factors in investment appraisal, due diligence and decision making. It uses the proprietary R-Eye™ rating system, designed to review a specific set of responsible investment matters, assess sustainability risk and provide transparency to clients. Furthermore, the Future Essentials products further screen funds using the so-called “honey bee” rating system, which rates the funds on long-term growth potential and operational value creation in addition to the ESG / RI rating.


    International Norms: companies whose activities clearly infringe international agreements and which are complicit in human rights abuses (following the UN guiding principles and OECD guidelines).

    Fossil fuel / Thermal coal: Excluded from fund mandate

    All Weapons including Anti-personnel mines, Cluster munitions, Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Weapons

    Tobacco: Not within fund mandate

    Gambling: Not within fund mandate

    Pornography: Excluded from fund mandate

    Alcohol: Not within fund mandate